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”WISH: Access To 100 Million Prospects In 10 Minutes, GUARANTEED First Page Positions,  Higher CTR & ROI, Reduced PPC Costs, And An Unsinkable, Positive Online Brand Presence, Increased Brand Awareness and Customer Loyalty!

Results Oriented Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, E-mail and Viral Marketing, Brand Management and Protection, Black List Recovery Services.

word-as-green a complete social media marketing and Web design agency, are already bringing thousands of visitors to client Web sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whether they are taking a shower, eating breakfast, driving to work, picking up the kids at school, taking a phone call, sleeping, daydreaming, busting their butt to beat a deadline, chasing some customer, typing an email....

It can all happen on autopilot with 100 percent predictability like clock work. Ten years ago, an impossible dream -- today a reality. Getting new customers is a real grind for a lot of people. It’s the number one obstacle for starting a new business or keeping an established business going...AND GROWING. But all that can be a thing of the past. Instead of you chasing new customers, they can now come to you, all day and all night via the Internet.

History will show that the Internet combined with technologies such as search engines, social media, discussion groups, PPC, E-mail auto-responders, affiliate marketing and many others, to be the most important developments in advertising of this decade.


There are a lot of things you might want from your Internet marketing efforts. Maybe you’re adding an online component to your retail operations, giving you steadier cash flow and deeper discounts from your suppliers. Maybe your consulting or service business is going to be positioned better. Maybe you’re already getting traffic, but free listings are too unreliable.

If you, like us, are privy to the secrets of on-line marketing, all those opportunities will open up to you. You’ll have fresh, hot sales leads waiting for you in your e-mail box every morning when you sit down at your desk. You’ll have customers buying from you, orders coming in 24/7/365. Instead of you chasing them, they come to you. Instead of trying to guess if your next product launch is going to work or not, you’ll know.

If You Are...

  • Looking For a Professional, Full Service, ‘Top Gun’ Search Engine Marketing Group With a Broad Base of Online Marketing Expertise, Real World Proven Results, and Outstanding Client References?
  • Tired of Spending So Much of Your Hard Earned Profits on PPC Advertising, Paying Top Dollar For Site Traffic and Getting Less Than 5% Conversion Rates?
  • Interested in Leveraging No or Low Cost On-line Marketing Tools Such as Web Analytics, E-mail Auto Responders, Affiliate Marketing Programs, On-line Video, Social Media, Free Reports and Viral Marketing to Convert Clicks to Sales?
  • In a fiercely competitive marketplace, and you would like to be able to thrash your competition, even in the toughest of economic times, and your serious about building a strong, unsinkable, positive brand presence on the Internet then...

...Please Read On!

Let us share with you the basic components of a comprehensive on-line marketing strategy. These are the ‘tools’ of our trade and the same ones that we will be using to move your business forward.

    Complete Professional Business Web Design
    Professional Web site construction expertise to build new e-commerce sites or to upgrade and enhance existing ones
    Business Web site design services are available directly through Fresh Social Media in a variety of feature rich configurations to meet the needs of the small to medium sized e-commerce client.  We offer all services necessary to create a great looking site that ‘pops’ and that are feature rich with proper SEO structure and social media marketing tools. With can also provide all appropriate content that attracts customers in for an exciting and rewarding on-line information delivery or remarkable e-shopping experience.

  • Proven Pay-for-Click (PPC) Program Design and Management
    Setting up successful Pay-Per-Click program does not happen by chance or by appointment, it’s a marketing research project. We offer complete research, setup, management and ongoing maintenance services for PPC systems that are guaranteed to maximize your online Google and Yahoo and other PPC advertising results while at the same time minimize the cost. We have PPC secrets that will help you to turn those expensive clicks into profitable customers. We often use a technique known as ‘split ad testing’ to keep improving the CTR to your ads combined with years of real world marketing and sales copy writing expertise to create eye catching, click compelling ads to get above average (5%+) CTR.
  • Social Media Marketing Design and Management
    Using social networks we can create ‘buzz’ for your product or service. Creating buzz or news worthy events, videos, tweets, or even blog entries that attract attention, and become viral in nature. Buzz is the piece that makes social media marketing work, it replicates a message not through purchase of an ad, but through user to user contact. We are intimately familiar with and use common social media marketing tools which include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Utilizing proven and industry accepted SEO sciences, I help you, your Web Master or I can provide the needed hand on expertise to get all page copy to properly align and support your keyword selections. Complete SEO is additive rather than individual components working separately. Keywords and other SEO sciences all should be assembled to create an environment that is sure to get your pages the preferred search engine rankings. I offer true hands on expertise with proven results for Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Digg and others
  • Keyword Analysis and Implementation
    Helping you choose the best broad or narrow (long tail/short tail) keyword targets and setting the best tags to align with your other marketing efforts and plans is an integral part of favorable placement in popular search engines. We utilize a variety of keyword research tools and services such as WebPosition Pro, WordTracker, Google Keyword and Webmaster Tools and many others to determine the most effective and least costly keywords to drive the best qualified traffic to any Web site.

    Responsible E-Mail & Drip Marketing
    Creating compelling e-mail marketing sales copy and campaigns that get sales, my autoresponder e-mail campaigns will bring in the traffic and convert traffic to sales. We have a complete library of direct response marketing as well as drip marketing tools that are easy to manage, and very productive. Systems I have worked with on an extensive basis include: ConstantContact, iContact, ExactTarget, AMLM, AMLM Pro, Scot’s MailList, and PHPList.

    Viral Marketing
    I can help you put the correct 'viral marketing' strategy into place, targeting various individuals that are guaranteed to pass on your marketing message to others. Just like the age-old concept of "word-of-mouth", but in an electronic context. Any marketer worth his salt knows that referrals are the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing media and communities like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flikr, and Digg extend this into the digital domain by harnessing the electronic connectivity of social community to spread your message like a virus.

    Web Trends and Analytics
    Using the science of Web site traffic tracking and analysis, I can quickly help you better understand where your visitors are coming from, what they typed to find you, where they went on your site, where they left your site, what pages they visited and for how long, and even better, how to get more qualified traffic for little or no cost at all. Once I help you understand what your customers are hungry for, we will get them eating out of your hand. Though there are many Web analytic tools available, I, as well as most hosting services have their favorite which include Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture, and Urchin.

    Online Brand Protection / Brand Management
    With the Internet quickly taking the place of word of mouth and consumer reports advertising, building a strong, unsinkable, positive brand presence on the Internet is paramount to your businesses success. Being on the first page for your given keywords, is just the beginning of promoting your product or service. Just as quickly as you receive traffic you absolutely must quickly communicate your unique brand value. And then when you absolutely must work to generate, maintain and protect a positive brand presence. I assist companies that want to promote and protect their brand on the Internet using both well known and my own innovative forms of online reputation management (ORM.) Using these proven tools and techniques, we beat the competition every time and gain an online marketing lead  they simply will never be able to catch up to. You need an unsinkable, positive Internet brand presence to continue to grow your business.

You Absolutely DO NOT Want Us Working For Your Competition! Because...We Build Powerful Autopilot Marketing Machines, Guaranteed To Totally Blow Away Your Competition.



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