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In these FREE reports we reveal many of Fresh Social Media’s proven on-line Web Master and Marketing Analyst techniques that you can use to improve your own on-line business search engine position and social media marketing programs. These reports represent a portion of the documentation of the approaches used in actual client engagement and therefore hundreds of hours of paid consulting assignments.

These are the same Fresh Social Media business secrets that we use on our personal and client Web sites. You can use our free reports to learn much of what is needed to start your own very profitable and successful on-line business, improve your popular search engine position and use social media to promote your brand.

    image-pdf-icon-thumbeBusiness 101 - The Ultimate Beginners Guide
    To Online Marketing Systems
    (65 pg.)
    Shopping Carts, Merchant Accounts, Autoresponders, PPC, Google, Yahoo! and more!
    In  this free 65 page guide, “The Insiders Guide To Internet Shopping Systems” learn almost every thing you need to know about the basics of owning and operating your own on-line business.  This informative guide provides details on the specific components required to setup shop on the Internet.

    image-white-paperHOW TO TURN EMPLOYEES
    Successful brands, whether big or small, need ambassadors to trumpet their products and services. Product evangelists have been around longer than the web, while celebrity endorsements and all types of brand promoters have existed for a long time.”

    image-white-paperTop Ten Google Search Engine Wizards SECRETS
    “In this special report, you will learn the top ten tips we use to promote our client Web sites to the very best search engine ranking positions.”


    image-white-paperTop Ten Google SEO Mistakes
    DON’T Make These Ten Mistakes on Google...
    Unless Of Course You Don’t Want Your Site(s) Listed!
     “In this special report, you will learn the top mistakes that Web designers and SEO ‘tricksters’ use to try to improve a Web page’s position in the Google search results. They might work sometimes, but if you get caught, get ready for a real disappointment...your position will plummet and you are likely to get blacklisted and removed from the search results altogether.”

    image-white-paperKeeping Your Shoppers Hooked
    Make These Positive Shopping Experience Criteria Mandatory For All Your Online Stores Or You Are Sure To Fail Every Time!
    “Shoppers check in, but they don't check out.” Does that sound like an insect trap advertisement? The phrase refers to something more important to home based Internet retailers: shopping cart abandonment.”

    image-white-paperWhy No Sales?
    Here Is A List Of The Top Ten Deal Breakers For Online Shoppers.
    “So why isn't your site raking in the bucks? You've got products; you've got a URL; you're willing to take people's money; but, no one seems to be buying. What gives?”

    image-white-paperSuccess Secrets of Internet Marketing Wizards
    ”A Successful, profitable, work from home based business is typically not going to happen by accident, it is more often than not a byproduct of implementing a series of proven online business disciplines. Use the information in this report to set a benchmark for your online business, we make a successful Internet based business a mater of probability rather than the result of chance.”

    image-white-paperOnline Storefront Design Basics
    “An award winning website does not happen by chance.  Popular websites, and sites that consistently generate a lot of traffic (and perhaps a lot of revenue) have a series of design principals in common. When properly executed, a website design will be easy to navigate, load in an acceptable amount of time, provide needed customer services, and leave the potential customer with a desire to return at a future date.”

    image-white-paper100 WAYS TO

    ”There are so many articles on using social media for your business that it’s easy to go into information-overload. This white paper offers up our best of the best in terms of social media research and best practices; be sure to bookmark it for the next time you need some guidance, direction or inspiration! If you’re running into trouble figuring out what to post on your social media accounts, see my other white paper “100 Killer Ideas for Your Social Media Content.”

    image-white-paper100 SIMPLE WAYS TO
    ”If you are looking for ways to improve your social media audience engagement then here is my list of 100 killer ideas to use in your social media marketing. The list is so big you will never run out of social media content ideas again!  The list covers just about everything you could possibly post on social media. From personal, to business-related, to promotional posts, this list of 100 ideas will keep you inspired for a long time.”





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