About Fresh Social Media

Fresh Social Media has been producing fresh ideas and positive marketing returns for it’s client base since 2002. We offer all the services required to help you successfully market your brand, build customer loyalty, and increase sales contributions to the bottom line using a proven formula for Internet and social media marketing.

We take a personalized approach to marketing your business and brand on-line by first getting to know you and your marketing and sales teams, your brand, your brand promise, your customer value proposition, and your key competitors. Once we understand what you and your brand is all about, we can then analyze your on-line marketing strategy and it’s current effectiveness.

We specialize in personalized customer service and you are sure to enjoy working one-on-one or in tele-conference with one or more of our staff subject matter experts. We are genuine ‘people persons’ and are passionate about Internet marketing and helping you go from dream to reality.

Without using technical jargon we explain the technical on-line marketing mumbo-jumbo in terms that ANYBODY can understand.

We have been directly involved with delivering high yield information systems and social media marketing services since 2002 so...we are not just book learned. We have hands on professional technical and Ivy league marketing expertise that spans three decades. Acting as highly compensated e-commerce technology and marketing analyst, our agency has delivered and managed successful solutions for a wide variety of on-line business owners including those of small and medium sized companies as well as some of the top Fortune 500 corporations in the US.

Our clients have included many entrepreneurs, husband/wife teams, and some of the most widely known names in the on-line marketplace.

Corporate Clients


Some of these big name corporations have paid tens of thousands of dollars for services, and invested millions of dollars in computer systems and automation...however, most Internet e-commerce systems, social media and on-line marketing programs will not require anywhere near that kind of investment.

Small Business Clients


Using Fresh Social Media’s proven systems, processes and leading edge Internet marketing technologies and strategies, we have helped many make or save hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars using  the public Internet and our proven approach to e-commerce and powerful, affordable, social media marketing strategies.

Standard Services




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